Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"


Wow this game is great! It's so original and fun and I have never seen anything like this. Keep making games man you have some serious talent!

I would love to see a sequel with additional feautures, such as:

-Customize the monsters/traps change their dmg, hp and abilities as well as the amount of xp they reward the adventurers.

-More classes and abilities available to the adventurers, i.e. mages use fireballs, clerics heal the other adventures, ect.

-Customize the loot the adventurers find and make their gold separate from my gold so they actually have to buy things from me.

-More bosses other than red dragon and make them customizable as well.

Awesome game!

just great

this game was great it was original made me feel like i was a dungeon master again i ended up beating the dragon with 1 character a lvl19 rouge with all blue items but still this game was a lot of fun

Really fun!

I had an awesome time playing this game. I managed to get a platinum medal.


For some reason all your games do this to me. I try to play them and when it gets to the menu, the buttons don't work at all. Same thing on kongregate. I had a similar problem with the AI game. I use firefox 3.6. Does that have anything to do with this? Does anyone else have this problem?

Managed to do it in 27 days

Fun, interface works well

Buildign my own dungeon gave me good memories of some old games i used to play.

Nice work.. and nice song at the end.