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Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

the first impression

the first impression is nice,but game gets annoying after a few mins :/ sorry


i couldnt get the hang of the game

its good......

the only problem is that now iv got to the 15th floor all the people are only level 5 and under its really annoying.

great game please read bellow (leave a comment)

im gona start with the what i liked and then give a small bit of feedback and then something i disliked

first off the varity and balancing of heroes was spectacular! paladins with 25% reduction of dmg
monks heal 20%hp at each floor
just so well thought out
i loved that some heroes not only helped them selves but helped others
an example of this is the rogues disabling traps for the rest of your "party" they can work together to kill monsters and share the xp together.
i loved being able to guide them with the gold and i think the tile system of mazing your heros around was briliant. through the use of gold you can have your heroes bypass dangerous traps and quickly move to areas of importance such as chests, portals, the exit etc!
finaly the concept of the boss on the last floor loved it! the battle system for the boss was good it allowed your heroes to still escape to a distant blue portal even if things got ugly

feedback....being able to save your heroes....i wish i could pull indiviual heroes not all of them. when im training a lvl8 monk on floor 6 and i got a mage on floor 15 fighting the dragon i want to be able to pull my mage out when he's gona die i dont want all my heroes to leave!
the how shall i say... lack of intelegence of heroes was a bit depressing i had a hero loop around in circles endlessly but i didnt want to put a gold bag down cause then i wouldnt have been able to get a treasure chest!
if you could add a tendency to them like less often to back track or something...

something i disliked... when i beat the game i was hoping that id have acces to a limitless dungeon and that i could make more floors and such to delve deeper and so on...if you made a second version an endless mode would be awsome!

im slapping a big ol 10/10 and 5/5 for this master peice
you just dont see this great a quality game anymore... sad really...
my usual ending to most comments i leave!
keep up the good work hope to see more!

great but plane

I felt that I was doing the same thing over and over agan, It needs more mix and combos like making a dungeon from scratch.