Reviews for "Dungeon Developer"

Awesome game.

This game is really good, and I like it as a Dungeons and Dragons player. The only thing keeping me from giving a 10 rating, is the option to choose your adventurers when playing the developer. It would probably allow for an easier time.


Absolutely fun and new, loved this game enough to play it twice already. Its a shame the ending song isn't in the audio portal its awesome.

I did however notice a bug in that the dragon does not stop attacking even when its at 0 hp.

So Cute!

5/5 and 10/10 I can't stop playing it! ^_^


Never seen that before. Although maybe it's because I never played Dungeon Keeper. Another song as a reward, once again enough to make it all worthwhile. If I had to complain about anything at all, it'd be the same thing as any other Nerdook game: the music will make you insane after about half an hour of hearing it.
But it's not enough to stop me watching the frontpage for those signature guys with funny heads. Keep on keeping on.

The Credits

I was writing a Chemistry Pre-Lab. So I took a break. Stumbled upon this. Best break ever. Simple and fun. The title of this post is double meaning, (credits I'm giving you) and the credits theme song was amazing haha. The only thing I'd say to improve upon for a second version would be a more open-ended dungeon, maybe some more upgrades, every-one loves upgrades.

Thanks for making this the best break ever,