Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

Neat little game

This was a neat little game you guys made,i liked the concept of it with it playing kind of like Dungeons & Dragons with you having to roll dice to attack and the powerups we're quite creative too and helped a lot,the animation was solid and overall i enjoyed this game very much even though it didn't last that long.

after i lost my MP

i just clicked ok.......and its pretty short for an Afro-Ninja game

Totally cheats

Either this thing cheats like someone's mom locked in a room with Brad Pitt, or I should seriously consider investing in 20 monkeys and 20 typewriters. I just got a triple 1 followed by 2 1's and a 2 (and that's including the re-rolling) while the computer rolled at least one six every time for like 10 rolls, two of which were triple 6's.


This game was nothing better than OK.
You did no doubt put some form of effort into this game, though simple your drawings are still decent and effective in the game.
The idea seems ok, but with more to do and more than just the luck of a random generator the game would be ALOT better.
Like others have said the MP seems pointless as it just Drains, and i do agree, healing 1+ health or 3+ felt pointless anyway.
The only thing good was the Re-Roll as it didnt Drain MP if i didnt get a 2 or below.
The game COULD be alot better if you really take some time, i believe you should maybe make a second but work on a proper story, characters, enemies and battle system.
I'd like to see a follow up.

Click "Roll," click "OK", repeat, win game.

There's absolutely NO thought, skill, or strategy involved when the ENTIRE game is based on random numbers. At first I thought about where I'd place the special abilities and whatnot, until I realized that even those just wasted power if the numbers weren't right, so I eventually just ignored all of them, and kept clicking "Roll' and "OK" until I finished the game.

This needs a lot of work.