Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"

"Good Game"

I barely made it w/ only 9 hp left but it was fun and kept me entertained for a while.

That ending was priceless

The game was pretty fun. It distracted me from shitty college classes for a while. Short for and Afro-Ninja game though.
I finished the game with 5 hp left. I was kinda sweating it out there at the end.
I did have to deduct you one point though because the dice rolls did seem kinda stacked.


I'm sorry, I know you say they have the same chance on the rolls, but when I'm constantly rolling all 1's and them all 6's, that sort of puts doubt in my mind. I rarely hit them for above 2, whereas they hit me with 4's and 5's quite often as a Time Mage. Rerolling did me no good whatsoever.
Hehe, then I play again as a Power Mage and blast through it, that 1mp reduction on the costs sure pays off...It doesn't matter how many 6's he rolls if I can go past that number.


It was enjoyable and it made me forget how bored i was for a while.
Basically, its job is done :)

great game

I really enjoyed playing this game, one of the few games on NG which I completed. Got the mage with the cube casts, where the difficulty was sometimes really tough but very balanced.
Keep on the good work!