Reviews for "Dungeon Dice"


Very fun game!

Made it down to my last 6 hit points!

Good Job!!!

I did enjoy this game. It offered good game play and with a bit a luck I bet you finished it too. It could of been harder, but I liked the fact that it is a game I could allow my six year old son to play and have fun with. Keep up the great work guys and its very cool that you made it so fast in winter break!!!

Good time killer

That was pretty entertaining, and the dialogue was really funny. I bet you had a lot of fun making it too! I beat it with 50 HP left, and I got sixes alot, so maybe I just got luckier than other people?...PS. I love you title screen voice man!!!!!

Pretty good.

Beat it with 22 life left. The healing spells aren't really very effective and most of the time I just went without using any of the spells but pretty good. Would like to see maybe an expanded version of this game with a way to upgrade to get 6s more frequently or something.


YOU CAN'T SAVE??!!!!!!