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Reviews for "Crossroads:2D"

really cool

very good retro game. funny thing is i killed baker, blacksmith, let the troll live, killed the royal guard with a deadly spell and as a reward for my glorious deeds i've been knighted ;)

fairly good

the game itself is quite good, although to me there was one thing really bugging me.

after playing on it for a good five minutes and getting rather frustrated that nothing was working, i noticed a review about using the arrow keys when talking. finally after only seeing talk and attack i found that the arrow for the actions was set to the lowest? - i question this only because when i was in play, i found that the play area seemed to be missing a good square (both length and width) for environment and text, some of which carried on off the screen;

"...please could you h

but this happened throughout all the text speech so i didnt understand really who wanted what and what they were saying. also when maneuvering about the world i appeared lost (off screen) and not sure where i was or if i was stuck.

overall i give it an 8/10 for quite the potential in this.

the graphics took me back to LoZ and the pokemon era of oldschool gaming which im still obsessed with.

the music was quite fitting in the way it reflected the adventurous-type gaming with the need to resolve... say "something is going to happen..." which spurs you on to play more to find out "... well, what is going to happen?" although for going through each scenario the one piece does get rather tedious once youve completed the medal it takes you to the beginning with no change, i was hoping for a fanfare of "you did it!" music or something?

Simple but promissing

I hope this game is only a demonstration of your truly potential, because could be so much better if the game was longer. Like everybody else I enjoyed the free will in this game and the style of classic game boy and stuff.

The background music suited just fine, just could have more characters in this game.

Good work, and I hope you make a sequel of Crossroads.

Showed potential

I have to agree that the game showed a lot of potential in the beginning, but did not really live up to my expectations in the end. I liked the retro-Pokemon style graphics and the music was kinda catchy, but the game was a bit on the short side. It's fairly easy to think of what you have to do to get which ending / medal and since the game only has four small areas, you can get through it rather quickly.

On one hand I do like the fact that the game has different endings depending on your actions in the game. On the other hand it only came down to fetching the same stuff over and over again but using it on different people. This fetching is a bit annoying when the character walks slowly. I wish you would've added a 'run' button or something.

As for the achievements, perhaps you could add a few more (secret) medals as well for things that you don't really need to do to get to a certain ending, like murdering pretty much everyone or wasting your money or being merciful to whomever.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. Like I already said, the game showed lots of potential. I think you merely need to expand it and work a bit more on the different endings idea.


kcnh responds:

Thank you very much for your review!

It could certainly use colour

Well, this was a simple little game that really hit home with the fact that you can get to four rather simple endings all pretty quickly. A shame that the game which showed so much promise didn't really come to fruition, leaving us with four very linear plots to pursue for the medals. I got them all within about 10-15 minutes, so I'd say that it was too easy for a collect and deal with game. Granted, I can see that each of these endings for the tale are based upon different choices, but you still have to go one way or another to get to the end.

If you'd have put a medal in there for collecting blackberries and then dotted them around the map, making that larger as well, perhaps you'd have been able to convince the baker to bake a blackberry pie, which could be the medal. Little things make games more engrossing and rewarding.

With the interface, a big issue was the WASD was set as a control to allow you to walk, as were the cursor keys, though when you get to a menu, you can only navigate them with cursors. Please sort this out, so that WASD will work there as well.

I'd love to see some colour in these proceedings, as while it looks good without colour, I feel it would look better with some. Also, the music does get a little annoying, so I just put my own on. Perhaps search the Audio Portal for a more suitable two or three ambient tunes that you could use?

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kcnh responds:

Thank you very much for your review! I will take in consideration the suggestions that you have made. However, I do not agree with that you said the music was annoying, because I think it is very neutral background music. But, it is a good idea, as you suggested, to add multiple songs so it is perhaps less repetitive.