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Reviews for "AMP'D"


tom fulp beat me by 8 points..


This was a pretty good game, but the main problem is that it was just a bit too simple and could have used more going on. It is still fun to just run around like that forever. The most fun part was probably that you got medals for every kind of way you could die. The music is pretty good and it seems to fit the high speed pacing of the game well. I can understand how this could be addicting, as it is really the same thing over and over. This is good for some easy medals and I think it's funny how he dies.


The controls arnt very responsive and the game isnt much of an original, but still entertaining

Thanks for the game, but...

Maybe next time add an alternate jump button, the mouse clicks sometimes are unresponsive

good, and medals make it a bit more addictive

however, i feel that the medals points' could have been higher, for e.g.
infarction medal = 10 pts
six pack medal= 10 pts
100 yds medal = 25 pts

other than that, good :) btw what frame rate were you using?

Xaotik responds:

Its 24 FPS.