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Reviews for "AMP'D"


It was cool, but it makes you get bored while you get farther.

Bad Design or Purposely Flawed?

After a while I toyed around with the jumping and discovered I could just about float the entire time instead of running if I just constantly kept hitting the jump button. Doing this made it easy to avoid all the traps and grab enough energy to keep my alive. So I don't know if this is because you didn't program this right or if you left this feature in there on purpose.

Either way, fun, but kinda easy.


It's an ok game.
My problem was that the background didn't move at your speed so it confused the hell out of my eyes.


Average game, 6/10 for graphics and medals. Gameplay, a little touchy. More achievement, perhaps? I got all 6 medals.

Pretty Sweet

For the most part, the controls are simple and work very fluidly. The music is fine and the graphics alright, lag is minimal. Gameplay as a whole is great, as is the energy drinks.

However, being a one-hit wonder is not that much fun. I would suggest that whenever one hits a spike/saw/etc... they lose a certain amount of energy, instead of instant death. This allows for one to continue after racking up quite a length.

That's the only real qualm I have with the game. Apart from that, it's great.