Reviews for "Warlords 2 Rise of Demons"

that's pretty sad

Everytime i try to play it just freezes(((( but i bet the game is good

This is very impressive.

I've always loved your games from the very first starfighter to this brilliant work. There is reason to keep playing, to unlock the 'special' (ARNOLD! :D) race, you have interesting units, giving reason to play as different factions. I like it alot, Keep up the amazing work you do. :)

This game

It's good. Not as many improvements over the original as one might have hoped, but with a game like Warlords, they aren't all so necessary.

Note: Hammermen are all you need! They even beat down castles without any siege units.

good but...

you have balance issues, when attacking mountain trolls i found the giant troll to be severely unfair, they can cahrge them!?! you've gotta be kidding! this makes winning there almost impossible no matter what difficulty. the flailers for the undead are also stupid hard to contend with, they can knock your guys back and keep moving forward and it takes a rediculous amount of effort to kill them. there are more beleive me but ill stop here. i understand why you would let them have such a powerful unit in each army, just don't let them charge with them. giant trolls across the map doesn't scream fair to me.

DJStatika responds:

Giant trolls in general, try to avoid them, they take a lot of time to prepare and you gcan get more men accross through the gaps. They build up charges by getting kills so if you attack their weaker units leaving the giants alone, then they wont get as many charges

Consider me hooked.

I popped this game open right after you posted it a few days ago, just trying to get my five reviews in for the day. About 7 hours later, I looked up and realized it was time to go home and I had been playing this game the entire day at work.

I've been through the single player campaign about five times now. Simple, but addictive - that's what Flash gaming is all about, right?

Bravo, man. Bravo. :D