Reviews for "Warlords 2 Rise of Demons"


Boring, but Not bad

Almost, but not quite...

This game came close to being as good as the first one, but no cigar. Warlords CTA beats this one hands down. Although the sequel has somewhat better graphics, they are all lost in the fuzzyness of the battleground, the troops look more like specs of dirt than anything else. The perspective also doesn't help this kind of game genre at all... I prefer the simple and clear graphics of WCTA. Everything was clear on the battlefield and one could recognize the enemy units better.
I also liked the stats of the races and units in WCTA, it was much better than the poor stat bars in this game. I like the unit diversity here and the sounds. The graphics are just noise :(. I hope the make the next one look like WCTA. Until then i will stick with that one.

I dunno

The game is alright but nothing special, The graphics for one thing are mediocre at best. The gameplay itself is well, to be honest boring in my opinion. There's not enough unit types, The way you send your troops out is nothing special new or innovative, it's honestly the same game with a different map and a new name. I would add more unit types, a better upgrades, maybe some changes to the game play and to the actual strategy of the game. I like the genre and the type of game it is and all I just don't see the draw too this game. It's just like every other game in the genre. Somebodies gotta come up with something new like putting making the way the battles are different, The whole send your guy down a lane is played out. But thanks anyways I'll keep and eye out for the next one. Hope you make some more games.


very hard !!!!!


This game really helps one focus on not just going out arrows a blazing (given you're at the right range!), and the music and narration is on the mark. I wasn't fond of the single player mode where it seemed that the right side had an unfair advantage, with their horses and whatnot.

Other than that, this was a nicely put together RTS.