Reviews for "Warlords 2 Rise of Demons"

good game but is has some bugs

although i don't particularly like games like this. this happened to be an exception. You see the battle mechanics and intensity of this game overrule all the others such as battlegear.

although there was one bug that pissed me off.
you see i was in battle and it gave me the message that the ability to charge was available. so i press q and nothing happens. so at first i think its something wrong with my keyboard so i open up word and press the q button and it works. well it turns out you cant charge if you HAVE CAPS LOCK ON. other then that great game, i would advise fixing that bug though

bug -1


Liked it, great 1 player and 2 player game

I loved the Arnold race I thought it would be the present race but Arnold was even funnier

Great game, same problem

Game was way to repetitive, even though differerent strategies were nedeed for each battle, I forced myself to beat the game. But like mentioned, the Demon Killer Medal is broken = /

Demon Killer Medal

Is not working. What, did I need to pee on their corpses to ensure *complete* defeatilization?

Really good!

I am not the biggest fan of these kinds of games, but this was just so awesome! It had a simple premise to it, and the best part was being able to send a force out like that. The best way to beat this game is simply to keep on sending guys the moment you are able to. The designs of the protagonists and antagonists are very creative. My only complaint is that the cut scene does seem to drag on a bit too much. The sounds and music sounded very authentic to the feel and they were fun to listen to.