Reviews for "Warlords 2 Rise of Demons"

Very good, but for some reason I can't get more than 3 medals in this game. If anyone knows how to fix that...

this game is awesome i always play this game when i'm bored


i played this game a long time ago and enjoyed it but since i cannot play due to when i press space the screen goes gray... i do not think you should be getting a good score for something other people cannot play.

Gives you a reason to play the game over more

Nice improvement from Warlords 1, ill give you that...

I like the fact that you added an extra unlockable race, and added seige battles. I have yet to unlock the second race.

Playing as the undead was the easiest for me, im not sure about everyone else though.

Space bar

when i send the first unit the screen goes gren wtf its going on?
i played this game a long time ago and i love it