Reviews for "Warlords 2 Rise of Demons"

Really great game.

Meh..its ok..

First chapter is much better then this......Battle animations is bad.

The demons are REALLY good. But don't worry. Once you beat the game, you can play as them.

Fun Defender game

First of all, great job on all the "MEDALS" its always a plus to see the effort and with a good amount of medals aswell, I really like that you added so much into the game, that really shows all the "EFFORT" and time put into that, and thats a plus on that alone, so props on that aspect of things, A fun flash you have here theres was lots of great visuals and some nice detail with some pretty good effort on your side of things, I was taken back with this submission, as it was pretty good. Im not too good at these game types but this was still pretty good i thought, and it was differant from some of those simular type of game, You have a good intro page or menu page however its called but i must admitt it was pretty nice, interesting and keeps the viewer interested, so nice effort on the menu page The first reall issue i found with this game was that the file size seemed abit much and thats probably hard on users with slower machines and connections, As for me it didnt really take that long so i suppose it was not thatbig of a deal, but still something that could be looked into, I was rather "SAD" that you couldnt play all the races on the newgrounds version but yet had to go away from it to your site, that was kind of disapointing, I like the "INTRO" that was a nice touch and showed off some nice art scenes, Now the game is pretty deep and you really put some effort into this, so there is alot of plus points on this game, So as i played thru the game it was fun for abit but does tend to get boring after awhile, but it was still a fun and entertaining defender game. Now there are some areas that could be worked on, Faster pace action but anyways good game. While I liked this Game there are some good and bad points about it that could be fixed and adjusted, There are a few suggested ideas later hope it helps, its not major but could use more of the effort on little stuff here and there, anyways hope it helps as this was actually a pretty good Game.

Improvments are a plus always making the game better So while this was a pretty interesting game, here are some tips and Ideas that may help to improve on it, So here are a few suggestions, some effort on your side will only make this even better. So give these options a try. So a great flash, even won some awards and that was a plus especially with this type, just shows some good effort on your part and hope to see more like this soon. Since this Flash was very big in file size, I would suggest some file Compression as it seemed to take awhile to load up. and in the end it will generally attract more viewers to your work. Compressing is probably the best way to go, it could be anything form removing some enhanced graphics maybe a little less detail, maybe the music was on a long loop or even the music was not compressed before hand, and if the file is just too big and you need it that way theres nothing wrong with making two parts to your flash. You should make it possible to play all the races such as the "UNDEAD" as its probably a fan fave, sometimes people dont want to go to a whole new site just to play the same game thats here on newgrounds, just abit dissapointed abit in that aspect of stuff, Another improvment tip would be is to Have the fighters move onward faster.