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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"


It looked AWESOME at first, but you shouldn't have killed it at the end. You could have easily made an epic movie or series on this :(. It was kind of funny though.

alright well

nothing too great here other than the animation


this is SO fuckin overrated! It was intense sure but it was so stiff dude! much more fbf needed 2 b going on rather than just expressions and hand movements. It looks nice 2 the blind eye which is prob why the score is so high dog. this is just an honest review it really was not terrible but nothing worth higher than 6/10. It was also very short and is one time killable movie. not something u could rewatch and watch.


WHY DID IT STOP MOMMY!!!??? make the movie go!!!!

Its ok

I think if u made it longer it would've been better. But like you said, you're busy ^^. Cool vid anyways.