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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"


Very good animation and sound. But you could have made this WAY longer. Good job though. I want a gun that has a "ROFL" setting.


Even though it was really random it was funny. This made no sense to me at all but made my day nevertheless. The artwork in the beginning (the airplane leveling out in the clouds) was nice.

The funniest thing about this action cop, who thinks he's badass, is actually a joke. Nice work :)

holy awesome ness

Short and straight to the awesome!
O.o what if you did a sequel, where Jack mathews was dragged off the car drag to the hospital and rebuilt as a badly done cyborg O.o and returns to the scene.....while for some reason the presidant is still in trouble on the plane...after a week long surgery thing >,<....but this time launched himself threw the air...into the planes engine...yea never mind that would suck...good job dude!

Allllmost perfect.

A 5/5 and a 9/10. One star off perfect just because I was let down at the end. You should make a longer version, I totally want to see the action cop in action!


I like the randomness. Too bad you didn't get to finish the game.