Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

As everyone else keeps saying...

MOARRRRRR!!! This has some funny hoo potential (Not funny haha, but hoho)! When your done with that there game, please make this a series of sorts!

Ridiculis Omega Fucking Laser ( ROFL)

hahah cant stop watching this!!!
just as it says... anatomy failure...


I haven't written a review in a long time, but I had to say something for this. It almost made me spit my drink out when I watched it. Hilarious.

ROFL indeed...

I love how noisy are your animations, I just love it.


Hahahaha oh my god I did not see that coming. An oridinary looking gun which is also a Rocket thingy. Ending was also full of lols and win just like you'd expect from Oney. Never get tired of it I tell ya!