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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

I love Airplanes!!!

The look on the terroists face was to priceless!! rotfl

fucking blurr effect

that fancy fucking blurr effect f*ked up my nvidia, thank you. The animation isn't bad and it isn't awful because of the lack of details but because of sense of humour. A fucking burned girl isn't funny, not because it may be offensive for someone who met a girl and then that girl died carbonized, it isn't just funny. The game would have been funny

This project feels unfinished.

It seems (to me at least) that you planned on adding more to this when you were making it, but lost interest or time and just slapped on the shield and the guy falling to his death. However, I did like what saw and your recent flashes are ALOT better than your older ones in terms of animation and art. Just write and plan out a complete story before you start your project. It helps with keeping things consistent.

(Also yes I know all of my flashes p much go completely against what my review said, but they are all over a year old.)

Oney responds:

well yeah this is just the intro to what was gonna be a pretty big game. i doubt I'll ever finish it :O

Great start, lackluster finish.

Of course, many will disagree, but, I have to say I came to this flash expecting awesomeness, and I was left disappointed. I was really hoping he'd get into the plane, and you'd continue the flash, but you entirely turned it around in the middle, and just killed off all the potential. I was having a lot of fun watching it until the "bad anatomy" scene.

Would love if you went back and gone through with this. I was expecting more "WTF" moments inside the plane, but instead I got nothing. Great start, though!


When I started watching I expected something more.
I totally agree with @serpx so i don't have write it agin, and I hope You will do a sequel or something like that, which will be longer.
But this is still awesome.