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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

I dunno bro

guns cant do that last time i checked. do some research i suppose

Fine gags, good audiovisual quality and creative

Yeah I liked this. It wasn't "zany", "whacky" or "random" but more anarchistic and deranged, which I like. Good animation work and art overall, and a smart ending.

i need...

for this to be a bit longer, but it was still AWESOME!!!!


now i know meaning "ubergun"

I love this.

Oh fuck, help, I can't breathe!

Seriously, the gun part was totally unexpected. I figured the dial would just get switched and he'd go off to find a way onto the plane.

Thank you for totally catching me off-guard. Now go finish the game, or at least pass the source to someone who will! This *must* see the light of day!