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Reviews for "Jack Matthews"

omg I semened

No, but really, very good. For being 2 years old this is still actually really good. The scene flowed together beautifully, the scenes with clouds always looked good, and I actually laughed out loud a few times.

By the way why didn't you just ask me for a CAR alarm instead of an alarm lol.

Anyways, good overall.

Now I can look forward to Jack Matthews in Hell : The Game.

Oney responds:

jack matthews can go fuck himself the twisted faggot


it reminds me about "Die Hard" for some reason lol

hope u guys will make a sequel for this nice work.


great concept and really funny XD finally i got to see it
I think there might be a problem with the loarder, because the page (or any other computer I have used) always freeze, I pre-loarded this page 5 times before it where completed o.o


For something that you supposedly say was unfinished, that was a really good short. The animation good and the humor was actually humorous, something that some people miss on Newgrounds. Good work!

I saw what you wrote on her book, tut, tut...

That gun sucks but it was hilarious, didn't know what was going to happen! I think your losing your mind. Hope there is another one!