Reviews for "Loneliness."

Fascinating and heartfelt

But from one lonely guy to another. LIFE'S A BITCH AND THEN YOU DIE.

Not a game, but a good something

Gameplay - its good but i dont like how the other dots run away to a certain places rather than running away from me. So i kinda can catch up to one of them eventhough they are slowly fading

Artwork - this does not need good artwork. its fine as the way it is

Music - top notch


I am a God! FEAR ME!!!
Turned on DethClok and watched the little dots disperse in chaos!
Then something strange bout us Koreans came up. Just refreshed the page and started TERRORIZING ONCE AGAIN.
Man, makes you wanna play GoW, or the like.
But yes, strange indeed. Not in a bad way I guess, but still strange.


The music was amazing, you actually started to feel lonely as you listend to it, Five out of five and 10 out of 10 is it the most fun game ever? no. but It truly makes you feel and I like that a lot. I for one love this, and I really wish I knew what the song was because its utterly beautiful, Bravo


i never knew that kids in korea were that lonely. Everytime i visited (twice) i saw kids running about having the time of their lives or just talking to each other about things. o.o i guess i wasn't in the right part of S.korea then