Reviews for "Loneliness."

Loneliness hurts

I enjoyed the reaction of the other squares and their strange patterns as I walked closer to them. However, as the screen got darker and darker, I could actually feel a strange discomfort. In my attempt to find squares at the end that don't run away, or even a heart, my journey seemed all for nothing. And it was all for nothing. This is exactly what loneliness feels like, to get rid of it you need someone to lean on. But not everyone, especially not everyone, will be there for you. And that's when it hurts.


I know some people hate artistic games being afraid of some shallow nothing rated high because "only intelligent people understand". But for me important is how much it will interest me. Some awesome games can't make me concentrate on them, some "shitty" artistic games I will remember. And because this feelings are subjective, I'm giving a 7.

Hey, thanks,

I'm a Korean. its quite true of this, its quite closed up with groups in Korea, its like peer pressure in America except tripled, one mistake and youre a loner for life. Good game. although sorry about the ranting on your "killer" just had to get the facts out to those who are too ignorant to care.

Same thing that "killer"

After the 3rd group of square-people fleeing from you, you just know all the "game" will follow the same pattern and you just keep the up-arrow pressed until the skies turn black... Even if it is intended, everyone knows that being alone is boring, you don't have to make a boring game about that.

I will even go further, since a lot of people come to newsground when they are alone and bored, this is a complete waste of their time.


I like the way you do the notgames or so... I already had this feeling with ''Killer''.