Reviews for "Loneliness."


I think it's a very good game.
the conversion to a darker background was very good, as i think that if you stay lonely the world really does seem darker. the music contributes to the lonely feeling
I really like it, as it brings the message over


Everyone is running away from me..It's like I'm a monster...

Very good thing

to mkmetalhead: YEA! So stupid! And where is Crysis-lvl graphics?!
I think, there only one bad thing - looping music.


I find it odd that you should dedicate this to Koreans, when loneliness is a universal feeling.


If you want to make a statement, make more of an effort. A game is first and foremost supposed to be fun. If you want to make a statement about Koreans being lonely, feature Koreans being lonely. Some squares moving away from another square is just lazy in my opinion.