Reviews for "Loneliness."

message sunk

I was pretending to be a fox chasing pigeons lol
but eventually i realized that its not fun being alone

Interesting, but not really representative

This flash was enlightening about Korea. It made me go on the net to documente myself about this problem.

But, you could have made a better animation, this one was really too simplistic, but it may be a simple problem of taste. (Hum...i do not ask for hype graphics...having some character who is moving instead of a "pixel" would have been cool.)
Your choice of music is good, but the loop is really too short
For these reasons, i gave you a 7.

not a game, more of a slidshow... actually less

waste of time


nice simple game that makes you feel. its nice feeling things

Hardy Har Har

This is the problem Tom Fulp apparently has with his DEV team, and why NG will never have its CHAT completed...