Reviews for "Loneliness."

I honestly don't know if you're supposed to "win" at this game at all. Given how insane it was with its experimental nature, I'm going to say no. The strangest part was when everything became black and you couldn't find the cube. Even if you did, you'd have no idea where to go to to make the other things go away. I guess I have to give you credit for creating a truly bizarre game. Spiritual people like me will enjoy it.

I hope you got a good grade, because this is so insane it deserves to be graded well. I thought that maybe the object of the game was not to touch the little dots as they were flying away. I touched some and nothing happened, so that can't be it. Whatever the purpose is, this is one ridiculous game. At least the music's nice.

Lonliness is a bleak pit of darkness, where hope is far and between. Yet it's still there somewhere, and it always will be.

Your games are genius

Simple. Easy to play. Yet they get the message across so clearly. You don't get the credit you deserve for your art games. They tell a deeper meaning that the world needs to learn to hear. If people like the two below don't want to listen, that's their problem.

Absolutely beautiful.

this game is an art

dumbasses dont like the game dont play it... dont u even dare reviewing!

Now for a serious review.

Practically nonexistent. You have some black dots (actually squares) and a cloudy black and white background. More than lackluster ever for an art-game.

None. You just press up, the other dots/squares keep running away from you and you end up in a pitch black nothing.

An OK soundtrack, lacking a lot in creativity. Piano sounds for an art game are more than uninspired.

None. Honestly it has no message, except maybe: no matter how hard you try, you'll end up in pitch black nothing. Not even catching up with the other dots or some glimmer of hope anywhere.
This is more than disappointing for an art-game.

Honestly, I was really disappointed by this game, it looks totally effortless. You could have at least tried to put in some gameplay or ending.
I was especially dissatisfied when I caught up with other dots and literally nothing happened.
The lack of a real ending was also a big downer. You'd expect at least some kind of hope or conclusion, but no, nothing.
Honestly a real prime example for a bad art game.

P.S.: If you want a really good art game go play "Colour my World" or something.