Reviews for "Loneliness."

I wonder

I wonder how many people would never have heard your message, known that fact, or discovered your experiences with those individuals if you hadn't made this notgame. Because, let's face it, some people refuse to take themselves out of their ignorant, narrow-minded states. You intentionally call this a "notgame" so previous comments about this presentation affecting gaming as a medium just seem moot. I thank you for making notgames, and reaching people who otherwise wouldn't have bothered to listen.


Atmosphere: 10/10. It made me feel sad. Not a 'crying sad', but more of a remorse sad. It made me think of the stupid things I've done-- particularly to other people. I know how I feel, but only another and God can know how oneself feels. I hope I shouldn't make life any worse for any other people (past what I have already done), no matter how the other person truly feels.

Mechanics: 10/10. The game is simple and, no matter how it's played, the character ends up alone. I suppose this ultimately digs into the almost cliche saying of "'Tis better to have loved and lost / Than never to have loved at all."

Entertainment: 10/10. I played this game not knowing the outcome, which seems most parallel to real life. As the dot neared the dark ending to a slow game, my chances of acceptance-- finding one other dot who empathized or even cared-- became lower and yet my hope for the dot became stronger. Sitting alone in a room, drinking a crappy off-brand cola with my air conditioner blowing and a summer of potential before me, I was crushed when my dot-- whom I had lead through this world that was foreign to both it and I-- had not encountered nor maintained a single companion.

Overall, a 100% thumbs up. It seems almost ironic that most of this review was about my existential reaction, but, hey, isn't that the point of an "art game?"

(P.S. - I don't think you could have chosen any more fitting music.)

I touched one of the dots.....

So he cant be that lonely

The point when "art game" becomes a crap

Have just been reached. Seriously, making some squares run away from other square and adding sad music and information at the end IS NOT the way that you make the "notgame". Soon all games are going to talk about sad things, and not be a game, so let's go cut ourselves now, why the hell we have to wait. Life is sad, boring, without sense, bla bla bla. Let's make game a bout it, call it "notgame" and go to frontpage! Brilliant idea!


An artistic game with a message is always nice to see. You might want to mention which part of Korea you're talking about, though. North and South Korea are in very different conditions though neither of them can be considered all that well off.