Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


Best game on newgrounds by far...

This game stunk

APRIL FOOLS!!!!! :) This is the best game eva!!!


This game was absolutely amazing! This is the only EBF I've played, and I am really impressed. The artwork was bar none, the story was a lot of fun, and the combat was fun and well balanced. Difficult, too. I loved the Forging system, as well as the skills system.

The final battle was great. I appreciated the crystals on Akron's abdomen, as they told what element was was currently and would be for the next three changes. It was really, really hard. And immensely gratifying.

I can't wait to play another!


i would play a more advanced version of this on my gameboy! keep up the great flash games!

very like

good at all
exept music loop