Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


This is a great RPG! the first and the second also rocks!
Also Addicting.

i loved it

this is the best game ever made i think u should making them tell u get lost and don't know what to do bring the pain


and its got alot of medals too :D



Your games are always great!! I like the style yo did in this one and the others are good to but this one beat all.

I can´t wait until you do more Epic Battle Fantasy :3

Ok, I'm only on the second world

And normally I wouldn't review 'till i finished the game but i think I understand it well enough. also I'm psyched at how awesome this game is, and it's so awesomely long that I wouldn't get to write a review for like 2 more days. Well first off I'd like to point out that the 'Epic' in the title is doesn't quite describe how well this game is separated from the first 2 by means of greatness. the fact that you can walk around and move at your own free will adds so much to this game, you wouldn't believe it. So many more jokes to be made (streakers on the beach, lol) as well as the fact that now you can have treasures, and other accessible items. The interchangeable clothing as well as weaponry is great, I love all the new looks you can make. (kudos on the cow suit.) I'd add more compliments, but there's too many, and i need to save criticism room.

The only actual problems i can see with the game are-
1. space. the screen is a little small to be walking around on with such large objects, I get consistently stuck, or have to wiggle my way through other objects to get through a path.

and 2- This isn't a new complaint for me. when fighting, some fights drag on with waves of enemies. done with the first three foes? Here's three more to kill! That's cool, always good to have difficult battles, but if i use my 3rd attack to finish the wave, more monsters will come out and immediately attack, giving you no time to think prepare for more battle and i keep having party members killed because i thought the fight was over, so they don't receive exp. I just think if you should make it so that the turn resets if another volley of enemies come out.

However i digress, the bad parts of this game are pale in comparison to how EPIC this game is. I can't believe this game is actually on newgrounds and not already some handheld game.