Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


I love this game I just started last night and at the ice level




I felt like there weren't enough water skills but there where a couple water weapons so it's cool. Mostly There should have been better weapons and better skills but I am all nitpicky and shit. Art=awesome, storyline=nil lol but that has no weight in a game made for solid fun. If you make another one, make the enemies tougher (Though I still have yet to play it on epic) and more levels, skills, weapons, dungeons, maybe a more interactive leveling system blah blah blah lol the game was still a model of awesome epic perfection and I spent way too many hours of my life drooling in front of the computer screen. So as always, Keep em comin!


ive been playing this game for days now but the thing i hate is waiting for it to load at the start it takes like 30 mins of my time and im only alowed for an hour so could u try and speed up the loading???

Mini strategy guide

1.You should start by unlocking skills,then leveling them up.
2.Also unlock 1 of each type or element of skills,to keep a balance.Another strategy is for you to unlock skills of a certain element based on what area you are in.
3.Do all or most sidequests to get new skills,items,&gear.
4.Go to town often to stock up on items.
5.Keep Natalie alive for revival&healing purposes.