Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"


this game is awesome ive played it on two diferent pages this is the third time i beat it matt you are awesome, awesome animations awesome designs everything is awesome

now the reason for my wtf is that you got a couple of art pages in wich there is um.... fan service...lots of it and its rated E!! should be at least t no?


awesome thats all i can i say


This game was so perfectly awesome, that I felt that the only change that could be made to make it better would be allowing you to sell your skills. For skill points. And also maybe you could buy status upgrading food.

One thing I don't understand

It's a really great game, but why does nettle, one of Matt's Bushido, only have a basic form?


Good game! I'd like some more of these stuff! I always play this when I'm bored and am tired of the other games.