Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

The Best of The Series!

I really like what you did with this game.
*The Graphics are Great (as usual)---10/10
*The Story is Funny and Enjoyable---9/10
*The Gameplay is pretty much the same, but i like what you did with the skills---10/10
********This Next Part Will Be To Help Out The Payers (Possible Spoilers)************

1.When you fight the Mammoth Poison him (w/Nettle) and make sure you ONLY attack IT since if you kill its minnions it might summon some VERY annoying enemies (also make sure to use Regen on your first turn since it prevents freezing).

2.When you get to the Volcano Area there is a blocked door all the way north (where you need 4 red orbs to unlock) go back to the Desert area and get the 4 Red Orbs from there (youll make that door shut) and warp yourself back to the desert area and go to the volcano area to unlock the North Door, youll get 4 Chests which contain some valuable items that will help you in that area.

3.Make sure you max out Matt's "Protect" and Natz "Barrier", theyll help save your life. Some other skills you should invest in are: Matt (Fright, Legend, Seiken, Elemental Skills), Natz (ALL Healing skills, Elemntal Skills, Lucky Star), Lance (Debilitate, Bind, Air Strike, Unload, Elemental Skills, Flare, Medipack).

4.Make sure to Max out their Limit Break attacks as they do heavy damage to bosses. For Matt (cleaver), Natz (Kyun), Lance(Oblivion).

Simply Amazing

I have a save file where I have played this game well over 8 hours, and I am no where near done playing this game.

I was a huge fan of the first two EBF games, but I think this one blows them out of the water. The graphics are amazing, the music is awesome, the story is nicely done, and the game's difficulty feels just right.

Keep up the great work! I can not wait to see what Epic Battle Fantasy IV (if there is one, of course) may bring!

Awesome game,Matt.
I've played it before (on Kongregate) so I know how it looks like.
Tho,can't wait for BH2.

Good games, but I loose everything the next day, even if before I save a lot of time before.

arwesome I PLAYED IT 4 houers in a row