Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

Wow. Just wow.,

I haven't made a review in a while...had to on this one though. I loved pretty much everything about this game. The speech was interesting and kept the game from getting boring, the battle system was well put together, the overall game play was great. I would love to see this on something like the Xbox live Marketplace, or Wiiware, because it's just as good, if not better than most of the stuff they have.

This is win my friend, pure WIN

I mean I liked the earlier Epic Battle Fantasy games too, but this is what everyone has been asking for, a regular fantasy rpg, before it was way to linear, now wee finally get to customize things and really level up and stuff. Very well done, having 3 cracters really helps too, and adds some nice strategic choices. The sidequest aren't just the "Go kill 3 hogs cause I said so", I may only have gotten to the second world so far, but I wish there was some more complicated side quest's, like bring this to this, escort this and such, but still very nice.
It could use a function to turn sound up or down, but the music and sound is great any how.


This is very Cool^^ Awesome series indeed,nice ideas,funny and good playn,10/10 ^^


A very Cool game... I almost finish it i'm in the final map ^_^ the bad thing is my save file is in the Armorgames.com T^T


I Have to say that this was certainly worth the time i spent on it!! Awesome job!