Reviews for "Epic Battle Fantasy 3"

Super hard to finish

take several days, intent Akron beat on normal.
But always they kill Natalie and she is very important to eliminate the extra oponent of stats

Lost in Normal difficulty even bringing many pieces of pizza, coffee and other and have all upgraded or forge weapons and skill.

And yet, I do not give up.

Ya e tratado tantos veces en muchos días vencer a Akron
Y pierdo en dificultad en Normal aún llevando muchos trozos de Pizza, café y otro..
Y teniendo todas las armas mejoradas y los skill...
Pero aún no me rindo.

Awesomely epic

It finally feels like a real traditional RPG. I also love the new character Lance, he's awesome.
Over all, 11/10, best flash game ever.

Amazing Game

I can't remember when I've put this many play time onto a flash game... hmm cause I never have! This game is amazing 1000/10 and I can't blame you for not really wanting to make a sequel because I can see how much work when into this. You should consider converting it and making it an Ipod/Ipad game if thats possible (I'd spend good money on it). Anyways congrats on making one of the best flash games of all time!

Awesome Game! And some Bugs...

Great game, but I'm noticing a few problems with some of the medals. Specifically, the 'Find all Treasures in -insert area-' medals. I've cross-referenced the Walkthrough, so I know I'm not missing anything, but it's not giving me the medal. Not sure how it is for everyone else though.

So far, it's only the Pirate, Frozen, and Ancient Treasure medals not working. All others seem to be fine, though I've only just started and have yet to finish Epic Difficulty.

Love the game, hope this helps!
Secret Medals obtained: 18/20


VERY VERY GOOD!!!! I hope they make another!!