Reviews for "Addicting Game"

Great trial and error game yet I got stuck on level 6 can there be weapons to get with coins?

I'm stuck on stage 8 but it is addicting

As boring as the predecessor... But at least some improvements were made.

Difficulty curve was a bit steep, most levels pre-20 were breezes and the rest, living hell.

Overall, decent timewaster but would NOT call it addicting in the slighest.

Glad I persevered through the first nine levels, since the ten that follow were a piece of cake! It gets difficult again, but I do appreciate the variation; the choice of challenge. Clearing all 40 is the real challenge. Some of the levels are more grueling than they are addicting... but if you persevere, that's where the sanctification lies! Seems like wave 20 clears even before the blocks leave the screen btw, wonder what would've happened if I jumped on a block after the clear screen hmm...

Anyway, good game, a bit much grind, but definitely addicting too. Keep it going!


Addicting game? More like EPIC GAME!!!!!! I LUV THE MUSIC! KEEP IT UP!