Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"


i love hawx and now 8 bit seems almost as good

0.o Awkward.

This Game Is Bull Poopy. Its Boring Yet Satisfying Once You Get The Last Jet. :D

Still I Like The Official Game Better. -.- Zzzz.

%u250C%u2229%u2510(%u25D5_%u25D5)%u25 0C%u2229%u2510 :o Haha Lol I Dun Mean it. That Just Looks KEWL!


not that bad but i didn't like how if you had no power ups you were pretty much done for

Coulda done alot better...



Very similar so I'll give you points for that but I really didnt like the "real" game.
This is better though.

Oh yeah and the guy whos ripping down guardian acorns........

There pretty decent, but then again

So yeah, Abandon the hawx thing and replace that with another war, Like nam or WW2.

Just nae afghanistan

That shits been done to death