Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"


Its a fun game, and its problaby a real classic, but i dont know him :D. Still good game and keep it up!

something that i enjoy

i found this to be extremely fun, i want to see more arcade type games like this and less crap type games like iv been seeing lately on this site, if you make a version with mor planes and mor weapons that would b sweet

Not bad but...

This is not a terrible game but not a good game either. I agree with somethings my fellow newgrounders' say but not with the one line jerk offs. It does seem to me that if you were going to make a 1945/NES rip off you would have made it better.
I do like the NES game feel of it and i enjoy the art work for the pre-mission story lines and plane selection screens very 8 bit. And if say this was under a different title and slightly better weapon system ( upgrade crossover, plane moding etc..) and no ad for the H.A.W.X 2 game at the title screen you would have received a warmer welcome.

Yet still this seems as if this is not enough... maybe its because no one enjoys having a big corporation invade their only source of independent games. Or maybe because they expected more from a company that makes games for a living. Either way if you want to impress us do at least these things:

weapon cross over
- EX: If i get a lvl3 missile and i want to go to spreadgun lvls should keep

Plane modding
-Color options, equipment mods, engine, radar, and chassis armor, ROF for guns, weapon load out at beginning of mission (no more then base lvl guns). All this purchasable by the stars you have collected.

Ad placement
- do this at the end of the game including the game over screen. Not the intro screen. And if you have to place ads in the title screen make sure it is less obnoxious.

So there it is hope this helps make something that's gonna make me say " i want to buy this game"..


Basically Ubisoft just stole everyting from that old arcade game 1942...well it was still ok.

Quite possibly the worst shoot em up

Bullet pattern makes no sense, ERS is pretty much useless (couldn't you give us a bomb or something?), the powerups are retarded, instead of building on it, you make us take one power up and build that and if we take another one we get to power up all over again. The graphics are bad, even retro style bad, the music is monotone and lame.

The biggest problem you made was making this all 8-bit like, you could've made a much more interesting, fast paced game with todays hardware and software, hell even if you copied ideas and all, it would at least be fun, this was just annoying.

Better luck next time