Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"


omg YES!! its so old school its impossible not to love. brings me back to when games were HARD and you actually had a lives limit. not a big fan of the auto fire cuz i think it just makes it way too easy but other than that nothing bad i can say about it. GREAT JOB!!!

I loved Raiden!

But I didn't love this, no......it was too weird....weirdness.....

Why is it when you use the help targeting system you are invulnerable? In Hawks I would be annihilated something when using that, doesn't work here.

Raiden concept = awesomeness
Hawks concept = teh fail

Points for Nostalgia

Its like I'm playing my old Sega Game Gear again!

But then after getting to the third stage I remembered why I haven't touched my Game Gear in like 10 years.

Solid game, no real design flaws, except for the fact that its boring as hell. Maybe its all the J-Shmups I've been playing, but a slow paced game like this with air planes flying here and there is not something people want to see nowadays.


Its kind of like RaidenX...if RaidenX was shit.

ahh the good old days!

very fun shooter...reminds me of the old nintendo game "Sky Shark" (except without the button mashing---thank you for the auto shoot!)
Keep up the good work!