Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"

Fun game.

I liked that Ubisoft is reaching out to its customers. I found this to be a positive advertisement for the game. I will definitely buy Hawx 2 when it arrives for PC.

ok first off,

i already have HAWX 2 preorders, and i was a big fan of the first game.
secondly. if there isnt a nostalgia mode in the HAWX 2 where you can fly around and pick up power ups ala the game above, Mr. Kilo is going to be sorley upset.


I've been a fan of these shooters for a long time and this one had that exact classic feel I like. The art for the planes on the selection screen was probably the best use of pixels ever.

Also, is there a chance of a Far Cry flash game ever being made by you guys? That'd be cool as shit.


It's a good 8-bit game, which you were aiming for.
It's got a few interesting elements. Overall, it's a typical 8-bit flier, and it's pretty well executed too.

Nifty game

Pretty good horizontal shooter, nice music too.
it was fun but it's not very unique.