Reviews for "H.A.W.X 2- The 8-bit game"

8-bit Awesomeness

Pretty slick for an 8-bit scroller. Artworks are great and fills in the atmosphere of retro combat.

Controls are simple and efficient. Game concept is cliche goodness!

Tom Clancy would love this version of yours, of course, in its kind as 8-bit.

It would be nice to have new style of mission parameters and stuff but I have no complain playing this all through.

Kudos for a good job!

Now if I could only play a Ghost operative in this game...hmmm

Just another bad game.

It's basically just a Raiden X mod. Nothing special.

Jesus f'ing christ

A bit hard at parts,it was kind of fun though


this is like a 80's game i thought it was gonna be a graphic new kinda game


At first I though this was some shitty pixeled 8-bit game, but I really liked it! Awesome, man! And the weirdest thing is this working on my 9 year old Computer O_o.

By the way, is this really done by Ubisoft? :D