Reviews for "Indie Jones"

Newgrounds FTW

Title is the most amusing thing to me. Indie as in "indie game developer/film maker style" . LoL.. Punny. Game was a fun lil time waster. But im going to be honest... It could have just been a picture of 2 midgets fisting each other with a random George Michael song playing in the background and i still would have gave you 5/5 10/10 because newgrounds rocks and this movie must be made.

seanjames responds:

Thank you? :)

cool but

come on it's little boring


Great Minigame. That's what I call a good marketing. Still 2 things for me: medals not working right (the secret treasure collector appears on the screen but then is not reflected on the medals list, loading in twice and refreshing twice and all that) and the dificulty, so hard! Is there an end to it? And if you get two gems at each corner and miss them, a full bar goes away? Still a big game (and big post:)


Despite this just being a minigame, with its main objective to support the documentary, you still took the time to take peoples criticisms into account and make changes to the game accordingly. This is much appreciated and I wish more authors did the same. With the changes, the game was still difficult but not impossible.

I'm glad you adjusted the gem penalty. Because it's so addictive I'd still be trying to get those 200 gems in a week's time.

Very simple gameplay, not much more to be said. I love how little indie was holding his hat as he ran along.

Fortunately the music didn't get annoying, which often happens in repetitive games.

As for the reportedly 'glitchy' Tank Award medal- I first got 11 tanks in one game, then 13 tanks in another, and was not awarded the medal for either. It was only when I finished with 10 tanks in a game that I was given the medal. So it appears that you must "Collect exactly 10 tanks in one game" to achieve the medal.

Overall nice game and a worthy cause to boot!

It would be unreal if that documentary got made :-)

Now I'm off to hack Kongregate....jk

But wait!

I DO know!

And this game is pretty good.

seanjames responds:

Sweet. So at least one person read my massive post :D