Reviews for "Indie Jones"

Good game Like flash version of temple run
I liked How he screams when he die And the music Cool

This was an ok game there wasn't anything too special about it but it is a nice flash game. It can be addicting.

Really nice game, well throughout but i got a medal by just doing my own thing....


It's awesome, but I got a secret medal without doing what it said.


while the game may seem difficult to start with, this game is easy to master once you get the hang of it. the simple controls and short duration of each game encourages the player to beat his high score each time he loses, there is certainly a replay value to it once you got everything figured out.
however, you needed to add some instructions at the menu. i took me one or two retries to figure out how the game actually works. you can't expect a player to know beforehand how to jump over lava and to knock the boulders back in order to survive. also, there is an element of luck to the game. sometimes it is impossible to collect all the gems without missing a few. therefore, you need to add a system which tells you where the gems will appear just before you actually see them. this can help reduce the effect of luck in this game.
for those who got frustruated, try to stay in the middle thoughtout the game to shorten the average distance from the gems. focus on the bottom of the screen.