Reviews for "Indie Jones"


Nice graphics, but not nice that I lose some of that bar when there's an extremely hard gem. (A rock is chasing me and there's an statue between me and the gem)
But it's ok :D


it has that "one more try" factor which will keep you going for ages

Sorry, but it's got issues.

Its a concept with definite potential, and the intro was kinda funny and short.. but I can't help feeling that you released it unfinished.

The gameplay definitely needs revision. Flash games generally shouldn't lag, and I don't see enough going on to warrant it. Second, changing direction simulates running ice. If you've ever played a similar dodging game like avalanche, you see how both left and right should work well to dodge things. In this game, momentum s extremely persistent even though his change in direction is very small.

When you begin, there are instructions for movement. Good.
When you run over a lava pit, you aren't told how to avoid it until after you get hit the first time. Retrospect is a great way to learn and improve, but less great in videogames. ;)

The variety in this game suffers a bit too. As others hinted at, the temple is remarkably static in its appearance. I realize that the level can only change so much for one run sequence before the pretenses of the run are no longer legitimate, but perhaps add some shadowed sections, or cobwebs, or maybe even longer jumps that require whip-swinging, that help you gain distance from the bolder as is slowly closes in. The gems mechanism for speed, is counter-intuitive. Only did I put it together after I saw my precious moneys draining over time.

If you make a second version I'll definitely play it, but to recap the responsiveness is my primary concern.


Several gems were direcly behind statues, or IN the lava. Laggy as shit, boring, redundant, and the lack of instructions? I got told that space was jump (and the fact that there WAS jumping in this game at all) a split second before Indie reached the first lava pit. I can't believe anybody found this entertaining. Crappy graphics, lame music that gave me a headache (some variety would be nice, I don't like listening to the same loop with puny differences each time). And when I die, I hear the horrible 8-bit rendition of a classic tune, and the little indie head doing none other than begging for donations. Yes, thank you for wasting my time, giving me a headache, and boring me out of my skull, here's sUm MuNnY5!!!1! Please, just try harder. I don't know why the hell this was on the front page. Better luck next time.

great little game

I liked this. Good run and grab game. Played this for a while and I intend on playing more tomorrow!