Reviews for "Indie Jones"

Hard but fun!

Indiana Jones fans rejoice! Relive the famous boulder scene as you collect all kinds of treasures! Also I feel proud that I'm funding the documentary. Keep up the good work guys! And good luck!

I am so happy this film is being made.


It is hard of course

I am glad that you guys are working on a Newgrounds documentary. I might only like this because I really appreciate all the work you guys put into promoting Newgrounds. I would donate money but I simply have so little money to use. As for this mini game it could have been better. It seemed like you could have made the whole thing way more convienient if you did not automatically lose your entire ability to get ahead if you missed one gem. It seems like you should just be brought back on the scale one gem.


good game


op, there we go, i've farted, here come the laugh : HAHA!
I've collected around 160 gems, but I haven't see any tanks.
is that normal?

seanjames responds:

I'll admit, that medal might be unnecessarily tough. The tanks are very rare, so you have to last pretty long AND get pretty lucky. It should probably be 5 instead of 10. :-/ I might push and update to that one.