Reviews for "Indie Jones"

good game and...

im down for the cause i'd love to donate because i love newgrounds

what the hell?

I miss one gem and it condemns me to having to fill a bar again, and sometimes gems are behind shit.

Seriously, fuck this game.

seanjames responds:

I've got an update pending that addresses your concern. Instead of killing your chain entirely, it only knocks you back 3 gems. Many users had this gripe and it's totally a valid one. Thanks for the feedback.

And take it from me. Life's too short to get angry about this stuff (especially when this is really just about helping Nathan raise money for a Newgrounds documentary). Smile, you're on Newgrounds :D

ppl be dumb

to all you negative raters out there, you realize that seanjames said this is to promote everything, by everyone right?

Awesome Game!

Nice game, graphics and movements are good, but what i didnt like is when the boulder gets close and you move all the way to the left super fast you still get squashed, even if the boulder is not even close to you. Nice tralier by the way1


The game has potential, but the fact that you can't miss one gem is ridiculous. Especially when some gems are right behind the obstacles. Did you even try out the game?