Reviews for "Indie Jones"


you know its not that hard to get to diamonds on the other side of the screen.. all you do is double tap and he rolls...its still a hard gaem eother way.. but it was entertaining

creative but

I applaud the creativity but there are some obvious issues that could have been sorted out with some playtesting. If there is anything beyond the boulder I havent reached it and see no reason to push myself. My suggestion is to increase the gauge-fill per gem so fewer gems are needed.

Keep it up, you got a lot of potential


The game simply is not fun to play, mostly due to the problems pointed out by many of the other reviewers. Essentially:
- You lose you're entire gauge if you miss even one pickup (gems, golden tanks, K-boxes)
- Due to the lack of vertical space, one only has about a second to react when a pickup appears. As such, whenever a pickup appears on the far left or right edges, it is nigh impossible to get, which brings us back to our first issue.
- Gems that appear behind obstacles are mostly, if not completely, obscured. One has to GUESS if the gem is there by factoring in the time since the last pickup, which when paired with the first issue, is infuriating.
- The entirety of this games creativity is seen in the first 5-10 seconds of playing. The fact that it is essentially a survival game (meaning it won't end until you die) results in the experience quickly becoming boring and repetitive.

Honestly though, I am not all that surprised. This is basically a game whose intent is not to entertain, but to act as an advertisement for something else entirely. You might as well have put it up in a banner ad that, upon dying, gave you the URL.

Here's hoping you don't make anything worse than this.

Must've not been very well playtested!!

Neat music and graphics, nice 8-bit presentation, but the game blows. Apparently you have to play perfectly, and that's sort of difficult when the game is throwing gemstones in from the far edges of the screen where you have a split second to watch them flash by and they could (often are) accompanied by a statue more or less babysitting right on top of the gem. In other words, impossible bullshit.

Frustrating and unfun.

I filled up the gem meter just as the boulder was about to crush me. Indie punched it... and he died. So that's nice. Apparently, even though I collected enough gems on the brink of death, the game isn't going to let me continue. How incredibly frustrating.

Another frustrating feature: The fact that missing even a single gem, no matter how close to full your gauge is, means you lose it all. Meaning if you regularly collect 8 or 9 gems in a row, and can't quite manage to get the next because it spawned just a little out of reach, you're basically fucked. In fact, you get punished less for collecting a smaller chain of gems before a full-10-chain. There is a valley between playing badly and playing well that receives the most punishment.

I know this is just a quick, cheap, tie-in game to promote the upcoming documentary, but tell me this: Why would I want to watch what this game is promoting if I dislike it so much? So, consider addressing these problems in an update.