Reviews for "Mandrake"

"On Average....."

This game is sort of good but puzzles arent reall y my thing so.............


Great visuals.
The puzzles were good.
And I had no problem with glitches.
Intrested in seeing more from this crazy couple.


funny game which is solveable with pure logic, but what is the toiletpaper good for?

Glitchy Beyond Playability

I hate to write a review simply for a bug report, but I suffered the color door glitch where inputting the proper code still got me punched. After refreshing my page I was able to properly input the code, but then found the bread was gone. Normally glitches don't bother me, but in a game such as this that also lacks any save functionality, it's simply unacceptable to release the game with game-breaking bugs.

Neat Game.

Good graphics, Nice Music, over all good feel

But I don't get peoples problems, I beat the game in around 20 min First time through, It's quite logical what to do with what.

Heck I'll even walk people through, only item i haven't found a use is the Toilet paper.