Reviews for "Mandrake"

Nice but...

I'm pretty sure I have played this game before somewhere else


When people click "Instructions" They expect to be given information like: what the controls are, things to look out for, etc. Not a vague part of the story. That would be more like the "Plot," and less like "Instructions." Don't feel bad, it's a mistake a lot of people on here make.


You had an interesting art style, but the game was an overall disappointment. Someone else mentioned the uselessness of the toilet paper and how it was a clicking frenzy to guess how you use items. I had to use the walkthrough to get past the door, which one should not have to do in a game to progress. The ending didn't pay-off either, especially with the kind of lame animation of static figures, five times larger than they should be, being shaken about. The game ends with a "To be continued..." Needless to say, I will not be playing the sequel based on this game.


how in the world do you use items??? can you combine things or what is going on?


Great game. Interesting quest. Can't wait for the next one