Reviews for "Mandrake"

Very nice

Awesome, although some things were hardly logical.

Oh I remember this! Excellent game!

I'm glad you finally uploaded it here. I think Pastel Games have some of the best "point & click" adventures I've ever played. They're logical and the artwork never fails to keep me interested.

good game

it was a great point and click game, but the only part i found hard was shooting the drunk bird. i would click, the sound would go off, and the animation would lag so that it wouldn't hit the bird.

I liked it.

Admittedly, all the spinning made me rather dizzy. I would have also liked for there to have been a written walkthrough instead of a video walkthrough, since written ones are easier for me to read and tend to have fewer spoilers. But the art is really nice and surreal. I found it quite enjoyable.


I really liked it. I love point and click games, and I truly love the 360 view.