Reviews for "Mandrake"

Relevant Items Much?

It was well drawn (aside from the pixelation in the 360 areas) but at least half the items didn't seem relevant to their tasks. The wand? It was described as broken so its only safe to assume it needed to be fixed before useage. The toilet paper? Pointless. This is supposed to be a point and click adventure, not an exercise in the process of elimination.

Only 9 cuzzz

I loved this game but hated that it ended so soon :( also whats with the pointless TP?

Great graphics and sound. Good story but ended too short shoulda made the whole thing then released it.

Reminds me of Myst

This is a different take on the flash point and click games. So many of them have become so unimaginative, a lot of them really feel just like that. Pointing and clicking on pictures. The layout really makes this game feel like a structure and because of that there is little confusion as to where to navigate, or how to get there. Plus I always enjoy 360 degrees. Though little narrative, the haunting sounds and twisted environment gives a great feel of being all alone in this wizards spire. or whatever it is. Good job.


I had to see the end on the walkthrough... I don't if it's a bug but there was no bread near the prisoner.


Perhaps I haven't the keen eye or patience for this, but the items that you have given me have almost no bearing on their environment. Thereafter, when they appear to have a purpose, they do not function. When they do change something, there is no discernible reasoning for the MANNER in which I should be changing the environment. As a commenter before me has said, 'more context, please.'