Reviews for "Mandrake"

Good game

I like the game, although all the spinning gave me a small headache. In response to supivegas's problem...you have to leave the room where the door is before coming back and punching in the code. That really got me at first until I decided to go back and check the skeleton code and came back and the same code worked....


Nice! but what about the toilet paper?


this game pissed the fukk out of me
its a gr8 game bt how the fukk do u get passed the robot it keeps punchin me in the face evn if the commbo is right

Good Job

Pretty solid game.

getting dizzy

It was alright but I was getting dizzy spinning around so much. Couldn't you have zoomed out a little so you could fit everything on one screen? Sure the 360 spin effect is "flashy" for the first ten seconds but then it's just an annoyance. Even the rooms that didn't spin, had to scroll slightly left and right.