Reviews for "Mandrake"

Good, but

From the amount of this game I could play it is cool, I like the art style especially. However I was having trouble so I looked at the walkthrough and in it there is an item that doesn't exist in game, at least my games. The cracker is not where the walkthrough says it is making the game impossible to beat. I don't know if the game needs to be fixed or the walkthrough but it's kind of a disappointment to not be able to end the game.

Couldn't Get Anywhere

Certainly good graphics... But, well, I hate to be one of 'those' people, who get mad at a game just because they can't beat it... But in this case, I couldn't find a single use for any of the items, save the screwdriver, which I saw could twist the screws around on the axe-case, but lacking any sort of hidden code as to which way the screws ought to be twisted, this too yielded no results. Point-and click games with items usually strike me as filled with potential, but in the end the uses you put to items tend to be far from what you'd think of, instead resulting to having to go around testing out all your items on everything... Which didn't even get me anywhere here.
But, if I have a good thing to say, it's that this game had a nice style and visual quality. The music and sounds were great, and it looked very good.

A little bit disappointing

I really loved the graphics, story, and the music fit into the game perfectly. Only problem I had was I didn't know what the hell I was doing! I had all these items but I didn't know what they did, where they went, how to use them.

Not providing any instructions on how this game was played was this games biggest downfall. I could use the walk through but then that would ruin the whole entire point of the game completely.

Not working.

I'm matching the color code from the jewels at the bottom of the wine bottle to the colors at the eyed door, purple pink green and pink again, but each time I only get the glove. I've done the sequence correctly each time without making a mistake, and have even attempted to use the code in reverse. Then I had no choice but to look at the walkthrough for the aforementioned part and you did the same thing I did. So one of 3 things is happening here:

1: You screwed it up and it's not working correctly.
2: The clues simply don't add up and I'm doing it wrong as a result.
3: I'm fkin colorblind.

Nice work

This game has good graphics but the story is sort of ambiguous... you should make games with a clearer objective or with better instructions